To Secure your Booking:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Ucuilagi Resort will not accept any responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal equipment or property or bodily harm or injury while staying on the property or during participation in any activity whilst a guest at Ucuilagi.
  • Ucuilagi Resort will not accept any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events within or outside its control, and will not be held responsible for refunding unused nights due to flight delay(s) or cancellations.
  • Ucuilagi Resort will not be held liable for any failure to carry out arrangements agreed to for clients, if such failure is due to fire or other casualties, acts of god, national emergencies, strikes or shortage of labour or materials or any other causes beyond its control.
  • Ucuilagi Resort strongly recommends guests purchase appropriate travel insurance cover.

Limit of liability for loss or injury to guests property

Ucuilagi Resort is not liable to make good to any guest or his, any loss of, or injury to any property brought to the hotel to a greater amount then $120 unless the guest proves that:

  • The property was stolen, lost or damaged through the default, neglect or willful act of the manager or his employee; or
  • The property was deposited by or on behalf of the guest expressly for safe keeping with the manager or with an employee of his authorized or appearing to be authorized for the purpose, and was, if so required by the manager or that employee, in a container fastened or sealed by the depositor; or
  • At a time after the guest arrived at the hotel, wither the property was offered for deposit as aforesaid and the manager or his employee refused to receive it, or the guest wished to offer the property for deposit but, through the default of the manager or his employee was unable to do so.