Here’s what some of our guests have to say about their stay at Ucuilagi.

We have recently returned from an incredible holiday at the beautiful Ucuilagi. A special family holiday with eight adults and one toddler, the entire family found the experience breath-taking – the house, the spectacular gardens and the island. We adored the managers Isoa and Pini who were very friendly and helpful. Each morning we would have fresh fruit from the property – pawpaw and limes, passion fruit and bananas. Isoa also brought us some coconuts to drink and eat.

This was a rare Fiji experience – we visited the waterfalls, had an afternoon of massages in the bure at the edge of the property, had a very memorable Lovo with Isoa’s village dancers – all the beautiful children and singing – as well as a meal at Tovu Tovu on Friday night (one of the local restaurants). Such delicious and authentic Fijian food – a rarity in resorts usually.

We loved being able to see different parts of the lusciously green “garden” island and going in to town and seeing the villages. Just incredible.

The house is really well set up for a group – a perfect balance of keeping people together yet with enough spaces to get away and relax. The recently upgraded bathrooms are lovely, particularly the outside shower.

We enjoyed the balance of having the pool and being able to walk down the track to swim at the beaches nearby. We also enjoyed the balance of being able to eat out at local restaurants and being able to cook BBQ’s at the house. The pizza shack at the bottom of the driveway is especially good for jugs of beer as the sun starts to go down.

The pool is cleverly fenced if you need to keep children away, which put our mind at rest with our toddler.

Ucuilagi is a beautiful, authentic house with stunning gardens and spectacular views. It is a peaceful sanctuary that we will always hold dear to us as a very memorable and special family holiday. We hope to one day visit again. – Kate, New Zealand (September 2014)

Taveuni is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and the house looks out at a view you don’t want to leave!

The house has everything you could need with big rooms, great kitchen full of utensils etc, laundry, wifi, BBQ etc and is cleaned each day.

Steve was fantastic at answering all my questions before we arrived and Isoa and Peni were welcoming hosting. Isoa was very patient and willing to drive us everywhere we needed to go and him and Peni organised a very tasty lovo and fantastic local music for our last night.

The house is on a hill so the only option to get to the beach or one local restaurant (Tramonto which is great but call to say you are coming!) is down the driveway or a path which is steep but absolutely fine as long as you look where you’re going. The previous review about this is a bit silly given that you can just walk down the drive instead!
Highly recommend a stay here – make sure you include plenty of time to have a beer and enjoy the view. – Jo, Australia (April 2014)

This was by far the best vacation of any kind we have had. having been on several beach vacations, in several locations around the Americas, staying in many many rental homes, and at resorts, I can fairly say that this is an exceptional place. You can’t help but walk into the house, look out at the grounds and the sea beyond an feel all the stress and worry drain away from your body. This is the perfect place to get away from EVERYTHING. and just relax.

A bunch of bananas welcomed us near the front door, and the foot bath with fresh flowers were two of the small delights to be found at the house daily. The helpful and pleasant caretakers Isoa and Peni were perfect. Steve the dog and the property’s cat ( we called him Tom) were also a welcomed surprise.

I highly recommend taking advantage of a massage or two while there. Ann or Isoa can help with the booking. So much less expensive than in the states and a very very nice massage.

Isoa was very helpful when we were deciding how to spend our time on Taveuni. he took us where we wanted to go and guided us as needed. He is a lovely man and Peni, his wife, are excellent care takers and were responsive to our requests. Isoa arranged for us to go snorkelling on a magnificent day trip with an outfit on the island.

Being there in the heart of July, hence winter in the southern hemisphere, the windows were open all day/night and the ocean breeze was lovely. We enjoyed having the ceiling fans during the day but didn’t miss them as we slept, after the power was turned off. knowing that we were not going to have power all night before we packed, we did bring along flashlights, but didn’t really need them. We enjoyed the dark night sky, star gazing is the best I have ever seen. We put all our reading material on tablets, so we could read as long as we wanted.

The path down the hill is a bit steep, but we didn’t have any trouble and found it in fact charming, and loved the kayaks waiting for us down on the beach to enjoy.

The pool is small but nice to take a dip in, cool off and relax around.

I will caution those considering a vacation on Taveuni to be clear about the food choices. There is not a wide range of food options and few places to eat. We did have some fantastic meals on Taveuni, we ate well and enjoyed learning about the local food, traditional meals and Peni and Isoa made us a wonderful Lovo Feast one night.

Know that the plane over from the main island to Taveuni may not be able to bring all your luggage at once, the plane is small, weight limits are the concern. so carry on the plane enough clothes/necessary items for the first 24 hours. Your things will catch up to you and Isoa is very diligent about going to the airport to collect your luggage as it comes in.

It is also a good idea if you are considering a Taveuni vacation to stop at the duty free shop on the way thru the air port to get whatever wine or spirits you might want. Don’t worry about beer, Just ask for Fiji Gold, We loved it.

We look forward/plan on returning to Taveuni and staying at Ucuilagi. – Kate, United States (July 2013)

Ucuilagi is one of the few corners of the world which is an unspoilt paradise. It is a home away from home in an idyllic setting, with everything you need at your fingertips. The views are breathtaking. The hospitality is excellent. The facilities are all you could ever want. If you’d like an unpretentious no fuss 5 star holiday, and are keen for some rest and relaxation, Ucuilagi is the perfect place. – Daile Stephens

Ucuilagi on Taveuni (Fiji’s garden island) is the real Fiji. Away from the mass market resorts and tourists, relax in paradise within a magnificent family home built for comfort. Sun-downers in the pool, dinner on the deck, then relax.
Magic!! We will be back soon, book now before we do! – Steve Boswell